Which Zodiac Sign has the strongest sex drive?

Which Zodiac Sign has the strongest sex drive?

New Delhi: When assessing your sexual compatibility with a potential partner, libido is not the only thing that should be kept in mind as even Zodiac signs play a role when it comes to turning up the heat underneath the sheets.

Different zodiac signs have varying personality traits, and some of these signs are known for being unforgettable, hot, and fiery in bed. The simple reason for this is they crave it more. Understanding the turn-ons of our zodiac signs can help us out in navigating what we enjoy sexually and also what our partner may enjoy.

So, if you’re curious to know if your sign tops the list of sexy-time then read on to find out which zodiac signs have the highest sex drives.


Notoriously known as the ‘sex sign’ of all the zodiacs, Scorpios have a high sex drive and are extremely sensual and amorous. When in bed with their partners they are said to adore them. However, all said, bedroom intimacy is mostly preferred by them, with only a select few people and they hold quite high standards. They are basically ruled by their libidos hence the No. 1 spot is reserved for them.


One can be certain to have a memorable sexual encounter with this Zodiac sign as they are usually wonderful in bed. For Aries, sex is natural, intense and passionate. Their impulsive, spontaneous, personality does not require foreplay, as Aries’ are naturally ravenous and desirous above all.


Though for Cancerians sex is an emotional relationship, they are also romantics who love to pleasure their partner beyond their wildest dreams. They mostly go into relationships only when they truly love someone but once that attachment is formed they can give you the best orgasms.


What makes Taureans great in bed is their direct approach to sex. They view having sex as natural as breathing and eating and hence love sexual encounters that arouse their senses. Taureans are quite great at catering to the needs of the other person in bed.


They have made a name for themselves for being dreamy romantics in bed as they go bounds to make their partners feel special and love to try new things intimately. Pisceans also love to merge and become one with their lovers in bed.


Due to their willingness to learn, improve, and heal their bodies, Virgos are considered among the most sexually open signs. They often like dirty talk as part of their foreplay and have even been dubbed as talkwithstranger sign in ‘kings of the bedroom’ by some.


Thanks to their powerful libido and appetite for sex, they can make their partner feel fantastic both emotionally and physically. They often get attracted to lovers who they can possess and the one who makes them feel as though they are the best in bed.


They are fond of showcasing their conquests and having sex for them can be like playing a sport as they focus all their lustful energy on playing it to the fullest in the bedroom. So when making love to a Sagittarius rest assured for things to get freaky and lively.


Because of the feminine part of the Zodiac, Gemini can be incredibly nasty and sensuous talkers in bed. They are open to anything in the sack and will try anything new. Hence, it’s suggested to go with an open mind when having sex with a Gemini.


Their work-hard, play-hard vibe makes them open towards experimenting with kink and S&M or anything outside of the regular stuff. However, Capricorns often don’t discuss their sex life openly with anyone.


Rather than being sex fanatics, Libras are more of the hopeless-romantic types as they aim to give their partners pleasure more than they ask for it. Further, making their partner orgasm first can be super-arousing to them.


They often live too much inside their heads which makes them not always prioritize sex, even suppressing their libido if they’re too preoccupied. But once things do get turned on their partner’s in for a treat as they’re also known for being unconventional and open-minded between the sheets. (ANI)

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