9 Sex and you can Sex Acronyms You should See

9 Sex and you can Sex Acronyms You should See

You have certainly see and you may heard the fresh acronym LGBTQ, and therefore means lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer, most minutes. However, each other gender and you will sexual direction can be found to your a range – so there are countless words, phrases, and you can acronyms (including GNC, AMAB, and) that are offered not only to assist some one share their particular identities, and to help anyone – in addition to partners – best show. While the Individual Legal rights Strategy (HRC) cards on its site, “Of a lot Americans refrain from these are sexual orientation and intercourse identity term since it feels forbidden, otherwise as they are scared of claiming unsuitable topic.”

Very, regardless if you are nonetheless exploring their term otherwise need to make yes you may be being the ideal ally you will be, it is convenient when deciding to take time for you to comprehend the significance out of acronyms you are able to discover down the road. In the future, learn about nine sex and you will sex acronyms you do not already discover – not any longer thinking, ‘What do GNC stand for?’ – or take her or him into consideration the very next time you are interested in an excellent much more comprehensive or even more specific identity to use inside the typical dialogue.

step 1. GSM

Sex and you can Intimate Minorities, a term one particular choose more than “LGBTQ” – Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, and you can Transgender – for the cousin inclusiveness. Quite simply, anyone who will not identify just like the cisgender and you may/otherwise heterosexual you certainly will imagine on their own area of the GSM area.

dos. GNC

Sex Non-Conforming, where one’s sex norms otherwise intercourse phrase don’t fulfill the male/lady qualities questioned by society. The new GNC meaning in addition to means some one whose sex expression cannot fit into an individual class and you can border of numerous identities – including agender, genderfluid, and you will pangender. “Trans*” (note the fresh new asterisk) or “transgender” is oftentimes used interchangeably with GNC, however, with greater regularity describes your intercourse phrase or term becoming contradictory toward you to definitely assigned at the an individual’s beginning. You may also select or tune in to the acronym TGNC, and this signifies trans and you may sex nonconforming, put alternatively.

step three. MSM/WSM

Boys who’ve sex having men or women with gender which have people, conditions found in the medical and societal sciences to explain males with gender together with other men and women that sex along with other females. This type of terms and conditions are specially beneficial because they do not identify a person’s sexual identity (age.g. gay). Because GLAAD notes, the fresh new U.S. prior to now banned boys with gender having guys (MSM) out-of donating bloodstream, therefore the discrimination and you will stigma remain now.

Cross-putting on a costume otherwise get across cabinet, in which you to wears outfits or any other items in contrast to your personal sex norms otherwise the assigned sex. Someone who mix-dresses cannot necessarily identify as the trans*, because the get across-dressing up cannot signify your intercourse name (or sexual positioning, for instance).


Male-assigned at delivery/female-tasked within birth/unassigned at the delivery, whenever you’re sexed due to the fact girls, male, or unassigned. Every about three are often tasked because chatspin review of the medical practitioner expose during the delivery based on the man or woman’s genitalia. Such as for instance, the expression “FAAB” could be used from the a great transgender guy to denote he is tasked the feminine gender in the beginning. Either, the new acronyms AMAB (tasked men on delivery), AFAB (assigned girls during the delivery), and you will SAAB (intercourse assigned in the beginning) are used as well.


Coercively tasked male/females in the beginning, employed by GSM/GNC some one in addition to intersex visitors to explain how they was sexed at the birth. In the case of intersex anybody – people with incompatible external and you can internal genitalia – such acronyms you will definitely make reference to the truth that anyone performed n’t have a choice within sexing, or they’d procedures to help you “correct” the new discrepancy (deleting brand new “male” otherwise “female” number of genitalia).

eight. TERF

Trans-exclusionary significant feminists, several people who faith they’re feminists when you find yourself saying one to trans ladies commonly most people (and therefore trans men aren’t very men), meaning that prohibit them off their end up in. One to TERF particularly, Victoria Brownworth, moved as much as to declare that “the brand new role away from men-to-people transsexuals on the women’s course as a whole in addition to lesbian movement in particular . [is] the ultimate in men power-tripping.” If you are TERFs – instance Brownworth, also Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and you may – may believe themselves to-be feminists, the reality is feminism and you may transphobia is collectively exclusive.


Queer/Wanting to know, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer, a phrase considered by the particular to get a more exclusive phrase than simply LGBTQ – and you will indeed better to say.

nine. QTPOC

Queer and you may Trans People of Colour, an acronym that not only takes into account intercourse title and you will sexual orientation, as well as battle – ergo, since PFLAG cards, focusing on intersectionality.

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