I’ve amazing individuals whose fascination with it interest and you can aquatic life is motivating!

I’ve amazing individuals whose fascination with it interest and you can aquatic life is motivating!

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R9: Adding Another Wrasse To My Tank (Not Going to Be Easy) – Good news, the Solar decided to come out this afternoon without needing food to entice him. <> After being out for a while my wife fed them some flake food and he ate. <> This evening I served up some more mysids, since I’m thinking this might be his favorite, and he devoured more than his share. Best of all, he’s been out for around 6 hours now and although the Sixline and him pass the occasional dirty look there has been no overt aggression or chasing. <> The Solar seems to be swimming higher up in the water column and the Sixline is mostly doing his thing around and through the rocks. <> The Solar Wrasse does seem a little less colorful and has a slight tear on his tail but who would look perfect after crawling out from under a rock! <> So at this point it seems like this story may end well after all. <> Once again, thanks for being there. Danny <>

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Fish compatibility. Labrids and Mandarins I would appreciate your thoughts on compatibility. <> In my 90 that I have had running for nearly 4 years, I already have a Yellow Watchman, a Dragon Goby, and a Neon Blue Goby. I’d like to add a Clown Fairy (solorensis) wrasse. I enjoy wrasses and would consider adding a second type of wrasse. When having multiple wrasses, is it best to avoid keeping those of the same genus, in this case, add anything but another Cirrhilabrus? <> Another fish I’d like to keep is the mandarin. Would there be compatibility issues with a mandarin, the wrasses, and the gobies I currently have? <> Thanks for your advice. <>

Wrasses for my 58?? Bring on The Wrasses! (Stocking Question) – Hello WWM crew First, kudos to you for all the wonderful information and help you give out on a daily basis. I have a 58 RR that is LPS dominated, mainly with Acans/Micros. I currently have 1 Green Banded Goby, 1 Yellow Neon Goby, 1 Red Head Goby 1 small Royal Gramma and 2 Wheeler’s Watchman Gobies. I would really like to add a wrasse to the tank. I was thinking about 2-3 Carpenter’s Flashers or McCosker’s in the same numbers. Would this work with my current fish list? If need be I have another home for the Royal Gramma. Would this work?? If not could I add one wrasse instead of 2-3? Everything I am reading sounds like they are happier and have a better survival rate if housed in small groups. Thanks in advance for any help/direction you might be able to give me Patrick

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