Whenever liquid predominates, giving from its solitary hole, they disseminates comfort, love, kindness, perseverance, quietness, and other allied virtues

Whenever liquid predominates, giving from its solitary hole, they disseminates comfort, love, kindness, perseverance, quietness, and other allied virtues

One of several Karen and you can Burmese the instinct is actually stored is the latest seat of the interests additionally the sickness, varying feelings and you will physical standards are caused by the presence of breeze (“k’ li”), flame (“me”), or h2o (“paw leh”). New parents insist one to ten hundred or so cavities in the abdomen incorporate cinch, 12 consist of flame, and another include liquid. When flame is in the ascendancy, you’re incited so you’re able to envy, malice, hatred, and you may payback. The various qualities are intermingled in one’s profile compared to help you the latest mingling of your several issue.[26-9]

The latest pee of a single intercourse is commonly given while the an effective liniment to possess people of the opposite gender

A few of the appeal worn by both Karen and also the Burmese were created to quit breeze out-of putting on the fresh ascendancy for the the instinct. Certainly particularly appeal was strings off dried berries from specific flowers, strings regarding gold coins that have been blown upon, and you may gnarled cords that happen to be apply the newest individual of the elders otherwise prophets.

One thing remains to be told you in regards to the”k’ thi thras” otherwise “medicine-instructors,” who substance pills off individuals origins and you can flowers that it routine a sort of medical lore, as well as their occult rites. There is no doubt however, that they comprehend the healing action from certain plants. They will suggest a certain forest into comment one the simply leaves are great for temperature or any other criticism. On my requst for almost all prescriptions a beneficial Karen doctor provided me with one hundred of them. Dr. Go enjoys accumulated more than forty profiles out-of scientific formulae of several categories, among them many of real worth. Dr. Mason says title out-of a little sneaking bush (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and therefore, when the used because the a poultice in the long escort sites Fort Wayne run, tend to stop, whether or not it will not dump, leprosy.[26-10] Just how many ones Karen medications was of Burmese, Shan, otherwise Talign source I can’t state. I was informed several times that the Karen just who still remain in its primitive requirements, count entirely on magic and you will offerings to take care of disease. My observation leads me to accept that the aid of medication develops, because someone already been much more about towards the exposure to other racing.

The newest Karen believe that smells possess reasonable effect on the human anatomy, both for an excellent as well as ill. There was almost nothing one to good Karen otherwise, indeed, a beneficial Burman worries plenty as he really does the smell off cooking pounds (“ta neu xo”). They believe your scent for some reason enters you, especially if there clearly was an abrasion of your skin, and causes a myriad of trouble, actually abrupt dying. To get rid of coming in contact with that it smelling, they usuall manage people frying which might be expected aside-of-doors, and hold their hands over its noses to keep from the fear hazard. Having restorative motives smell-salts are preferred one of one another Karens and you may Burmans, after they can be found in bazaar. Certain medication have asafoetida or any other smelly-smell dinners, being considered has an immediate impact on the brand new paitent. Bad and you can acrid-tasting pills also are when you look at the high prefer.

The new incidence of breeze over the other facets produces pride, aspiration, greed, evil desires, and hilarity

Besides such cures the newest Karen “medicine-teachers” make use of unpleasant concbur, the hair on your head and you may pussy from particular pet, tigers’ and you will leopards’s whiskers, particular areas of person corpses, your body locks regarding humans, dung of all the kinds, new scrapings on the charred closes of bamboos found in striking corpses toward funeral pyre, an such like. Is a treatments obtained from the fresh new Karen Thesaurus, where it’s known as “a grand febrifuge”: “Make umbilical cord reduce away from a separate-born man, the newest undigested kernels on the dung away from a puppy, white and you may red onions, ginge and you will black colored pepper for the equal quantity; merge carefully and also make to the pills how big the end of your own digit; dose, one after another to be taken in the heated water.”[26-11]

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