You don’t need Basic Repair skill to take a hammer and use some nails

You don’t need Basic Repair skill to take a hammer and use some nails

Sure, you won’t hammer them straight, you’re pretty likely to waste a lot of nails (depending on your Tech) and the material you’re hammering them in. And it’s quite likely you’ll end with a very sore finger. But you at least know how to hold a hammer. Anima without the skill does not know how to hold a hammer, yet alone use it. It doesn’t even know what a hammer is, and what it is used for.

And Anima, even with neuron network program, isn’t going to figure anything out of its area of expertise. It can find a way to do something better and more efficiently, or even solve a problem it encounters during performing a task, but this is true only as long as it does have some skill in the subject in question. No skill, no action.

Having MA and REF, Anima can move itself. Having Conversation function, it would be able to speak (however, it knows no language – you have to install a skill for it). Having no Awareness, it won’t have a clue that it should pay attention to that car coming in when the robot itself stands in the middle of motorway. Sure, when it notices it, it’s the robot’s Stability to determine what it will do.

Learning. Whereas neuron networks are capable of learning (they can even develop professional intuition !), it’s not learning like humans do. Anima can learn how to perfect bits of its everyday tasks, and it can learn to solve problems it encounters, but it’s not learning in the meaning of gaining any skill levels. Only true AIs are capable of such feats.


Robots tend to react fast. They act much faster than humans, at least in most of cases. However, the more complicated they become, the more they have to take into consideration (“to think about”, if they were thinking). And this makes them slow down. While it has little influence on civilian droids, as they rarely are exposed to combat situations, programmers of military Anima have to balance it out carefully : the big Anima can be pretty smart (having a lot of skills), but they are slower on reaction. Small Anima are fast, but they have limited number of skills.

  • All Anima have a basic initiative modifier of +10 (exactly like Combat Sense in the initiative terms).
  • This is further boosted by the quality of the computer used : +1 per every INT of the machine.
  • -1 per every INT point of neural network (“Pseudo-Intellect”)
  • -1 per every 2 points of MU used (round down) *

* Please note that this , including skills, or just of the core Anima. Personally, I’d suggest the second option – use only MU of the Anima’s core program.

And what about a “True” AI ?

I don’t cover them here. The AI have been already decently covered in Interface magazine. You should refer to it. But, since we are here, I’m going to give a few guidelines.

First, forget about the “AI” system from the Maximum Metal. It’s a military system, which means it’s too limited to be really smart. The grunts are too afraid to allow anything like that ! Instead, take a decent computer / cybermodem, and upgrade it to the point where it will be able to house an AI. Yup, it’s going to cost you. Then, apply the AI core program, and equip it to your expectation with skills (and leave some memory for gained experience. AI do learn. ). Install the whole thing in a shell, just like in the Anima case.

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